Battle of the Sexes

Season 2, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 8/31/2011
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School teacher Shannon Johnson from Manhattan Beach, CA and construction worker Marc Sorkoram from Pasadena, CA go head-to-head to win the best of three in order to get a shot at the million dollar prize. In their first head-to-head challenge, they take on the "Stack Attack" challenge where they must stack 36 plastic cups into a perfect triangle-shaped structure -- and then deconstruct the pyramid and put the cups back into a single stack. Later, a new game begins with Veronica Castro from Tuscon, AZ who tries to win the top prize. Up to the task, Veronica takes on the "Chocolate Unicorn" challenge where she must stack seven chocolate snack cakes on her forehead, one at a time, using only one hand forming a horn. [NBC]

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