The Beautiful Girls

Season 4, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 9/19/2010
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Peggy is forced to face some unpleasant facts about a client‘s discriminatory business practices. Don and Faye‘s burgeoning relationship is tested when Sally runs away from home and turns up at the office. Roger tries to rekindle his affair with Joan.

‘Mad Men‘: This One‘s for the Girls

40 minutes into last night‘s episode of Mad Men and all I could do was throw my hands in the air in complete bafflement.  I had to keep pausing the episode to gather my thoughts.  Miss Blankenship is dead?  Roger and Joan were robbed?  Roger and Joan had alleyway sex?  Sally ran away and made rum french toast?  Luckily, the last 30 seconds of the episode and the title, "The Beautiful Girls" solidified the theme.  It‘s all about the women.  It was done with subtlety.  We weren‘t given voice-overs and we still got plenty of the male perspective, but when those elevator doors closed on Joan, Faye, and Peggy, we knew we had just gotten a rather bizarre day in the life. With each woman, including Sally, something dramatic happened to change the course of their actions. 
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