Blowing Smoke

Season 4, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 10/10/2010
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‘Mad Men‘ Fan Columnist: Desperate Times

This week‘s Mad Men felt largely transitional, as though the main point of the episode was to get us into next week‘s finale, which will no doubt be a powerful ending to a great season. In comparison to other episodes, it wasn‘t as strong and it served to reinforce that SCDP is in major trouble and Don‘s heroic measures aren‘t working (potentially) in the same way they did before. Perception is everything in this business and to their clients, SCDP is a sinking ship.  The Return of MidgeMidge‘s reappearance in Don‘s life looks to be just the refresher he needs after all his work problems, but of course, Midge has ulterior motives. She was always a starving artist, but she definitely wasn‘t always a heroin addict. When Don and her were together in 1960, she represented the beginning of Bohemian living and was full of art and life. She‘s still got some of the same spunk, but we realize quickly it‘s all a front and rather than just happening upon Don as she claims, we find out she searched for him in desperation for her next score. Her desperation in combination with her husband‘s not-so-subtle bartering agreement (money for sex with Midge) are enough to turn Don off -- who knew that was possible -- and send him on his way, wallet a little lighter, abstract "Number 4" in tow.  Midge‘s line, "Glad you haven‘t changed," to Don was significant in that the audience knows exactly how much Don has changed in the last five years since Midge was a part of his life.  
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