What They Died For

Season 6, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 5/18/2010
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While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack‘s group searches for Desmond.

‘Lost‘ Recap: This Is What They Died For? (Page 1/4)

The series finale of Lost is this Sunday, making this the penultimate episode.  There‘s a lot to get through, and with a title like "What They Died For," Lost has no choice but to explain why they died.Series Finale Countdown>>By "they," I mean Sun, Jin, Sayid, Frank Lapidus, Ilana, Juliet, Jacob, Daniel Faraday, Charlotte, Naomi, Matthew Abaddon, Alex, Danielle, Karl, Michael, Charlie, Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia, Libby, Boone, Shannon, Nikki, Paulo, Edward Mars, Dr. Arzt, Christian Shephard, Anthony Cooper, etc.  There‘s been a lot of death on this show.
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