LA X, Part 2

Season 6, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 2/2/2010
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At the Temple, the survivors entrust Sayid‘s life to the Others while the fake Locke reveals his true identity to Ben. In the altverse, the passengers get off the plane and head their separate ways.

‘Lost‘ Season 6 Premiere Live Blog

I‘ve been deeply devoted to television for more than half of my life and I‘ve watched a lot of shows, but tonight is like no other night I can remember.  The excitement I have for the final season of Lost to kick off is unparalleled in my TV-viewing lifetime.  I have very little idea what the heck is going to happen, but I know this is the real beginning of the end, and by keeping as many secrets from fans as they could, the Lost team has successfully made me more excited for this than I have been for any other episode of television.
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