Everybody Loves Hugo

Season 6, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/13/2010
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Hurley agonizes over what the group should do next, and Locke is curious about the new arrival to his camp.

‘Lost‘ Recap: Boom Goes the Dynamite (Page 1/2)

Desmond is in the altverse, suddenly awakened to its connection to the real world, but now Lost is all about Hurley.  The jolly lotto winner has spent most of this season being Jacob‘s minion, doing and saying whatever the dead man tells him.Check out Hurley‘s Best Moments>>Even though this episode is about Hurley, he‘s not the star.  The star is the shocking twists and turns.  Someone dies, someone is thrown in a well and someone is hit by a car.  Also, if you ever wanted to know what the Whispers on the Island are, this episode provides the answer.
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