The Variable

Season 5, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/29/2009
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On the 100th episode milestone for the series, the time of reckoning has begun when Daniel Faraday comes clean regarding what he knows about the island.

Lost: 100th Episode, "The Variable" Recap (Page 1/5)

Previously on Lost: 99 episodes of excitement, mystery, drama and brilliance.  Also, Daniel Faraday returned to the Island in 1977.  It‘s also important to remember that Faraday‘s mother is Mrs. Hawking, his research benefactor was Charles Widmore, his lab assistant Theresa was mysteriously injured and Desmond is his Constant.Picking up where we left off with Desmond, Penny rushes him to thehospital where the doctors promise to take good care of him.  In thewaiting room, a familiar face shows up: Mrs. Hawking.  She apologizesfor the fact that her son was the one who led Desmond to this fate. More importantly, how did Mrs. Hawking get to the hospital so quickly?
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