He’s Our You

Season 5, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 3/25/2009
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Everyone on the island is at risk when one of the survivors decides to go against them and taking matters into their own hands.

Lost: Episode 5.10 "He‘s Our You" Recap (Page 1/4)

Previously on Lost: Jack, Kate and Hurley set up shop as the newest members of the DHARMA Initiative while Sayid was arrested under suspicion of being a Hostile.  A young Ben brought Sayid a mustard-less sandwich.This episode of Lost is brought to you by pronouns: why use just one when three can make your episode title thrice as confusing. It starts in Iraq as a young boy is ordered by his father to kill a chicken. He can’t do it, but the boy’s younger brother walks over and chokes the chicken without a second thought. As you might have guessed, the boy who killed the chicken is Sayid.
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