Something Nice Back Home

Season 4, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 5/1/2008
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Juliet is forced to perform an emergency appendectomy on Jack after he collapses on the beach. Jack‘s post-rescue relationship with Kate is revealed, and Sawyer, Claire, and Aaron head back to Jack‘s camp with Miles.

Lost: Episode 4.10 "Something Nice Back Home" Live Thoughts

Last week on Lost, Ben went on a globetrotting adventure that culminated in a riveting confrontation with his nemesis, Charles Widmore.  He let Charles know that he plans to kill Penny to get revenge for Alex‘s demise.  We also learned that Ben has the ability to unleash the smoke monster from a secret chamber inside his house, though it‘s unclear how much control he has over it.  On the beach, Jack came down with a case of stomach pain after figuring out that the freighter folk aren‘t on a rescue mission.
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