The Man Behind the Curtain

Season 3, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 5/9/2007
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Locke returns to The Others, where Ben takes him to meet their leader Jacob, whom Locke can only hear but not see, so Ben shoots him. When Juliet is exposed as a mole, the survivors turn in on Jack. A flashbacks reveals how Ben came to the island as a boy as part of the Dharma Initiative. He then conspired with The Others to kill most of the Dharma people.

Lost 3.20 - The Man Behind The Curtain - Recap

LOST takes a trip back to clarify Ben’s nebulous past and reveal the long awaited connection between the others and the cornerstone of LOST mythology: The Dharma Initiative.   The episode also promised the revelation of the mysterious Jacob, the consequences of Juliet’s tape that Sawyer now possesses, and a shattering ending that will leave fans in a tailspin for the rest of the season.
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