Stranger in a Strange Land

Season 3, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 2/21/2007
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Juliet undergoes a trial for murdering Pickett. With Jack and Ben’s help, she is spared from the death penalty. Jack, meanwhile, travels back to the homes of The Others, located on a different island. A flashback shows Jack getting tattoos on a vacation to Thailand.

LOST - 3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land - RECAP

It’s LOST night, and with ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ we return to hydra island and unfinished business. Juliet has been arrested for shooting Danny Pickett, Jack has fallen out of favor with Ben after double crossing him in the operating room, and a new ‘other’ has appeared on the scene as a judge, jury, and possibly executioner. LOST has been struggling to find its audience lately, if ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ doesn’t bring them back, perhaps knowing what they missed out on will. Read on for all the goods from tonight’s
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