One of Us

Season 3, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 4/11/2007
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The Jack rescue team, plus Jack and Juliet, return to camp. The rest of the survivors are initially doubtful of Jack’s motives because of his overwhelming trust on Juliet. Meanwhile, Claire comes down with a mysterious illness, brought by the implant put inside her by The Others. Flashbacks reveal Juliet’s history on the island and her conspiring with Ben to infiltrate the survivors’ camp.

Lost - 3.16 One of Us Recap

I am telling you right now, without reservation, that “One of us” is perhaps the most perfect episode of LOST ever produced, bar none.  For those of you who were upset with how inelegantly Expose squandered its flashback opportunities, prepare for a huge apology from the producers.  For those LOST fans who stuck around knowing that the show would obtain that mythical level of greatness that seemed to come so natural, here is your pay-off.  Part of why I love this episode is that it counters some of the biggest critical pitfalls the show is facing right now.  Paulo and Nikki prove that
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