Greatest Hits

Season 3, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 5/16/2007
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Jack learns that The Others are planning to raid the survivors’ camp to abduct the pregnant women, so he devises a plan to kill them via dynamites. Charlie then swims down to an underwater Dharma station to de-clog the transmission lines so Sayid can send distress signals from Naomi’s satellite phone.

lost 3.21 Greatest Hits Recap

The creative team has always touted LOST as a show about people, as much as a mysterious island.  That point has never been clearer than in the episodes where characters who have grown weary in the eyes of the fans are given a little fictional resuscitation.  Unfortunately, this seasons newbies, Paulo and Nikki, weren’t around long enough so they got treated to a parable of being buried alive by the fans.  Their seemingly lifeless, but actually paralyzed, bodies being covered over by the sand of the Boone hill.  Other character turn that was extremely successful was that of Maggie Grace’s Shannon in the second season’s “Abandoned.”   Many of the same fans who expressed nothing but annoyance at the seemingly spoiled rich kid expressed sorrow after learning her past.  Redeemed posthumously.
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