Flashes Before Your Eyes

Season 3, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 2/14/2007
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In an attempt to reveal his secret about seeing the future, Charlie and Hurley try to get Desmond drunk. Flashbacks reveal what happened to Desmond after the implosion. He also relives a day of his life with Penny prior to the start of the experiment. He then sees Charlie’s impending death.

Lost - 3.08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes - Recap

See, this is why I love LOST:  these people are totally unafraid to introduce plots that will take the audience into a completely different room.  LOST ‘Flashes Before your Eyes’ was that kind of episode.  Fans who thought Lost ‘Not in Portland‘ was coy with its insinuations of time and space will be blown away with the bluntness that those issues are dealt with.  It’s disclosure on a level unknown to LOST fans, I think.  Certainly if ‘Not in Portland‘ was the first line in the conversation of time and space, ‘Flashes Before your Eyes’ is the long string of exclamation points at the end.
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