Season 3, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 3/28/2007
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The castaways investigate the deaths of Nikki and Paolo. Flashbacks reveal that the two stole diamonds from a millionaire television executive and are arguing over it. Nikki releases poisonous spiders upon Paolo but both of them end up getting bit. They end up being buried alive because the survivors did not know that they are merely under paralysis.

LOST - 3.14 Expose Recap

Expose’ is probably one of the most anticipated episodes of LOST for season three, maybe it is the trip back to visit familiar characters like Boone, and Shannon.  Maybe it is the promise of a piece of LOST mythology being solved.  Maybe It was the expectation that this episode, this coveted episode, would bring the demise of the universally loathed Paulo and Nikki?  Yeah, I’ll go with that.  On the other hand, as much as we can’t wait to get rid of them, this doesn’t let the
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