Shannon Rutherford

Played by Maggie Grace

Shannon Rutherford (Maggie Grace) is one of the passengers of an Oceanic airliner which crashed on to an unknown island in "Lost." Shannon is a wealthy, spoiled, and selfish girl who was returning to Los Angeles from Australia after being convinced by her step-brother, Boone (Ian Somerhalder), to leave a bad relationship.

Shannon knows that Boone is in love with her, but rejects him because of their relationship as step-siblings even though she uses him to get whatever she wants. After the crash, Shannon is petulant, angry, and anxious for rescue. She does everything she can to make most of the other passengers around her miserable.

As it becomes clear that no rescue is coming, Shannon begins to form a bond with Sayid (Naveen Andrews). Shannon speaks French, and agrees to help Sayid translate paperwork which he hopes will lead to their rescue. Sayid sees another side of Shannon, and they grow closer, despite the differences in their backgrounds.

After Boone's death, Shannon feels terrible guilt and turns to Sayid for comfort. They become a couple but tragedy occurs and Shannon is unexpectedly killed by a member of a new group of survivors, Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez).

Memorable Quotes:

"What's a four letter word for I don't care?"

"My brother Boone. God's freakin' gift to humanity."

"John Locke killed my brother, will you do something about that?"