Libby Smith

Played by Cynthia Watros

On the television show "Lost, " Libby Smith (Cynthia Watros) is at first thought to be a member of a group called the "Others" rather than a survivor of the tail section of the plane. Because everyone is frightened of one another when she and other survivors appear, she is almost killed. The two groups find out that they are both survivors of the same plane crash, and quickly get to know one another. Libby eventually becomes Hugo "Hurley" Reyes' (Jorge Garcia) love interest and it is discovered that they met before in a mental institution. Libby is killed when she accidentally witnesses the murder of another survivor.

Memorable Quotes:

"Okay, hey, hey, how about no one's in charge, okay? I'm sure everyone can manage to just take what they need."

"That's a lot of peanut butter."