Kate Austen

Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) from "Lost" is a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed after its departure from Sydney, Australia. Unlike the other passengers, Kate is on the flight against her will. A fugitive on the run, Kate was captured in Australia and is accompanied by officer Edward Mars (Fredric Lane). When the plane crashes and Edward is fatally wounded, Kate gets a second chance to reinvent herself and change her fate.

On the island Kate is one of the stronger female characters who initially forms close bonds with love interests Dr. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) and con-artist Sawyer (Josh Holloway), putting her in the middle of the two men. It is this love triangle that keeps her choosing sides as Jack and Sawyer often clash and have completely different personalities. Although Kate is running away from her life, she ultimately becomes a foundation for another survivor, Claire (Emilie de Ravin) who is pregnant. She helps Claire as the pregnancy progresses, delivers the child and ends up raising Claire's son when she disappears and they are rescued.

Unlike some of the other survivors, Kate is very secretive about her past and hardly reveals any of her past activities. Born in a small town in Iowa she lives with her mother and step-father. After years of watching her mother be abused by her alcoholic step-father she decides to blow up his house while he is asleep and intoxicated. She is successful but when she tells her mother what she did, instead of support; her mother calls the authorities and Kate becomes a fugitive on the run. Kate also finds out that the man she killed was her biological father. She accidentally gets her childhood friend killed when she is escaping the hospital and finally gets arrested when a farmer she was living with learns of the reward money being offered.

Kate's life before the crash is filled with bad events and although her motives are good, the outcome is usually different than she planned. On the island this is no different. While trying to escape on the raft, she convinces another survivor Sun (Yunjin Kim) to poison her husband so she may take his place. This results in Sawyer outing Kate and revealing to everyone her fugitive past; making her untrustworthy and suspicious in the eyes of the other survivors.

On the island Kate often ends up in the middle of Jack and Sawyer. She must constantly choose and switch sides anytime a situation arises. Originally she is interested in Jack and they become close while trekking in the jungle and dealing with the mysteries that they confront on the island. However, when captured by the "Others, " she bonds with Sawyer and ends up falling in love with him. Jack and Sawyer often fight over Kate and she is confused about who she truly loves.

When a few of the survivors leave the island, Kate takes Claire's son Aaron (William Blanchette) with her and claims him as her own child to protect him. Overall, Kate is an honest, confident, strong female who tries to do what she thinks is best. Although she does end up in many negative situations she has good intentions.

Memorable Quotes:

"He's your grandson. And your daughter Claire is alive. I had to protect him so I said he was mine. When you're ready, he's waiting for you. I'm going back to find your daughter."

"It's gonna work! It's happening, we're gonna get off of this island!"

"You expect me to work in this dress?"