Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) is a doctor who specializes in obstetrics. Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) recruited her to come to the island to help women become pregnant. She desires to leave the island and return to her family but Ben won't let her. During the course of the show she has romantic relationships with both Jack Shepherd (Matthew Fox) and James 'Sawyer' Ford (Josh Holloway).

Juliet is originally one of the Others, and leaves her group to join the survivors of Oceanic 815 to pursue a relationship with Jack. She helps to care for Sun Kwon (Yunjin Kim) during her pregnancy on the island and provides information to the crash survivors on the Others. Many of the survivors do not trust her including Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) and are angry Jack allows her to join their camp. Later, when six of the survivors leave the island, including Jack, Juliet is among those who become trapped in the 1970s and joins the Dharma Initiative. During these three years, Juliet and Sawyer begin their relationship and live together in one of the Dharma houses.

When Jack and Kate return to the island, Sawyer and Juliet help them to blend in and join the initiative. Jack doesn't want to blend in and pursues his own goals, leading to all of them to break out of the Dharma camp and go to the site of an electro-magnet. Due to a mistake made by Jack, Juliet dies in an accident at the site of the magnet, leaving Sawyer distraught.

Juliet is an interesting character as she changes from an unwilling Other to a member of the camp of Oceanic 815 survivors. She is a female version of Jack (both respectable doctors), like Kate is the female Sawyer (both have criminal pasts). She is also romantically involved with both Jack and Sawyer at different times, much like Kate.

Memorable Quotes:

"I've been trying to get off of this island for more than three years, and now I've got my chance. I'm going to leave. "

" It's very stressful being an Other, Jack."