Charlotte Lewis

Played by Rebecca Mader

In the television show "Lost, "Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader) arrives at the island on the freighter Kahana with Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) and Miles Straume (Ken Leung). Charlotte spent part of her early childhood at the Dharma Initiative, a scientific research project and community. During her childhood her mother pretended that there had never been a Dharma Initiative, and that Charlotte's memories of it were all in her head.

She falls in love with Daniel Faraday, who seems to know her from her childhood. When the survivors on the island begin to experience time travel, the experience gives them headaches, including Charlotte. Each new time travel flash makes it worse, until she becomes disoriented and begins to die. On her deathbed she recalls an incident from her childhood, in which a man came to her and told her she had to leave the island and never come back again.

When Daniel travels to the '70s after Charlotte's death, he comes to the Dharma Initiative and meets little Charlotte, telling her exactly what she recalled before her mother took her away from the island for her own safety.

Memorable Quotes:

"I know more about ancient Carthage than anyone."

"I think that man was you, " she tells Daniel.