Grown Folk's Business

Season 2, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 9/18/2007
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Life seems like it‘s spinning out of control in the Sutton household as lis and half-truths slash away at family unity. First there‘s Eddie who wakes up on the anniversary of his mother‘s murder and pushes away the truth of it like he has since he was Tay‘s age. The pain has always been too great, but this year the gig‘s up. Tay is demanding to know what happened and Eddie‘s efforts to keep him out will set the whole family in a downward spiral. Down to where Cassie schemes to be with Charles. Down to where Tay (like his grandfather) gets drunk to push away his pain. Into this maelstrom saunters Sage, Lund‘s long lost daughter. She seems to thrive on lies, manipulation, secrets and outrageous behavior and, on a weekend at the Sutton home with no parents home, she‘s found the perfect stage to act out.