Team Rebounded

Season 2, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 10/5/2010
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‘Life Unexpected‘ Fan Columnist: A Winner‘s Attitude

Last night‘s episode was all about the teams. And I‘m not only talking about whether you are team Baze or team Ryan -- though to be honest, I change my mind on the subject every half hour. The sports metaphor can also be used as a reference to new and old couples or old and brand-new friends. Cate and Ryan forgot to have one major talk before getting married. Kelly and Cate share a bonding moment over drinks. Baze and Math coach Lux‘s basketball team together, and the star shines like back in the day. Math and Paige go out on a date, too bad we never actually see them having dinner! Lux and Tasha reunite, and Paige and Eric are an item waiting to happen. All of this takes place in less than an hour. Hold on to your seats and enjoy the ride.
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