Camp Grounded

Season 2, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/2/2010
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From the CW: "Cate, Baze, Ryan and Math volunteer to be chaperones on Lux’s school camping trip."

‘Life Unexpected‘ Fan Columnist: A Change of Scenery

Last time, we left off Life Unexpected was in a place where nothing seemed certain. Some relationships were falling apart, one never stood a chance and others were just blossoming. "Camp Grounded" takes the characters out of their normal surroundings -- into the woods -- where they have no other choice but to make a decision about what they want for their future.Related: Life Unexpected could be getting canceled >> "The days of showering together are over"Cate and Ryan are having a really hard time being around each other. She‘s trying to make things better and believes that going to couples counseling may help them go back to the way things were. If the first step to fix a problem is admitting there is one, Ryan is far from the solution. He can‘t accept the truth: that he screwed up too.
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