Move-in, Move-out

Season 1, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 6/24/2003
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Dat, Tess, Cory, Tere, Rob, Sean, Dave, Rich, Ralphie, and Geoff move into their Hollywood house. The tour of the house started with Jay showing them the fortune teller. A machine that delivers messages, advice, and clues during their stay. Rich Vos started an argument on whether or not he should be allowed to smoke in the house. The comics visit an Elementary school and gave the kid of their choice comedy lessons. Jay announces there will be weekly contests in the house, which will mean immunity from getting voted out of the house. This week‘s contest was to perform in Universal City on the street in order to get money from tourists. The winner (the person who returned with the most money) gets immunity and gets a segment on Extra. Each comedian had their own approach to win. Tess won with more than double the second place. The comics choose who they think they are funnier than; the person that gets the most votes challenges a comic in front of a live audience. Sean Kent gets voted off.