Season 5 Episodes

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Three Weddings and a Funeral (Part 2)

Season 5, Episode 19 - Air Date: 2/15/2008
When thieves want to steal a rare stamp from a Montecito auction, they take the whole surveillance team hostage.
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Three Weddings and a Funeral (Part 1)

Season 5, Episode 18 - Air Date: 2/15/2008
When thieves want to steal a rare stamp from a Montecito auction, they take the whole surveillance team hostage.
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Win, Place, Bingo

Season 5, Episode 17 - Air Date: 2/8/2008
Pete Skinner seems to have a perfect winning streak while betting on horses, which makes Danny and Mike suspicious.
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2 on 2

Season 5, Episode 16 - Air Date: 2/1/2008
Danny and Mike decide to play in a 2-on-2 basketball tournament where the stakes become more than they anticipated.
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Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

Season 5, Episode 15 - Air Date: 1/25/2008
After Sam's "whales" check out a strip club she calls in "The Cleaner" to help keep it secret from their wives.
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Secrets, Lies and Lamaze

Season 5, Episode 14 - Air Date: 1/18/2008
Piper runs into trouble with the gaming commission, but Cooper bails her out, raising suspicions of the staff.
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3 Babes, 100 Guns, and a Fat Chick

Season 5, Episode 13 - Air Date: 1/4/2008
A fugitive is tracked to the Montecito and every bounty hunter and FBI agent in the vicinity wants to make the capture.
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I Could Eat a Horse

Season 5, Episode 12 - Air Date: 1/4/2008
Cooper sends Mike and Danny to Wyoming to buy a horse for his ranch.
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A Cannon Carol

Season 5, Episode 11 - Air Date: 12/6/2007
The holidays are getting closer at the Montecito and everyone is working on their holiday plans except for Mike, who seems to have doubts about his place in Las Vegas.
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The High Price of Gas

Season 5, Episode 10 - Air Date: 11/29/2007
Las Vegas has to struggle with the effects of the Montecito attack, while the main suspect seems to be Danny's uncle.
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My Uncle's a Gas

Season 5, Episode 9 - Air Date: 11/16/2007
Danny's position in the casino becomes more and more challenging for him, when a fire inspector and Danny's uncle show up unannounced.
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It's Not Easy Being Green

Season 5, Episode 8 - Air Date: 11/8/2007
Delinda wants Danny and the casino staff to be more environmentally friendly.
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Adventures in the Skin Trade

Season 5, Episode 7 - Air Date: 11/2/2007
Danny and Mike see a strip-club owner get physical with a stripper; Delinda advocates for better rights for exotic dancers in the city; Piper enlists Sam's help to find a racy video that she does not want people to see.
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When Life Gives You Lemon Bars

Season 5, Episode 6 - Air Date: 10/26/2007
Two of Cooper's billionaire friends come to the Montecito for a visit and a poker game.Cooper decides to shadow Sam to better understand her work only to scare off one of her clients.
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Run, Cooper, Run

Season 5, Episode 5 - Air Date: 10/19/2007
Danny and Mike are called to the rescue to solve a murder that occurred in Cooper's suite, while Cooper claims that he can't remember what happened.
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Head Games

Season 5, Episode 4 - Air Date: 10/12/2007
The Pacific Tropic Spokesmodel contest at the Montecito is sabotaged and Mike leads the investigation.
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The Glass Is Always Cleaner

Season 5, Episode 3 - Air Date: 10/5/2007
Sam continues therapy with her psychiatrist, which includes working on her social skills.Cooper wants to fill the vacant position of President of Operations, so Mike and Danny both apply for it.
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Shrink Rap

Season 5, Episode 2 - Air Date: 9/28/2007
The new owner of the Montecito, A.J. Cooper, introduces himself to the staff an brings a new campaign with him: "Anything Can Happen.
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A Hero Ain't Nothing But a Sandwich

Season 5, Episode 1 - Air Date: 9/28/2007
The Montecito staff members along with the Las Vegas police have their hands full as they try to discover who killed Mary's father while investigating the recent hotel robbery.