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Just Another Manic Kahn-Day

Season 13, Episode 24 - Air Date: 3/8/2009
Kahn's bouts of manic depression threaten to derail Hank's plan to build a tricked-out barbecue grill for an upcoming Strickland event.
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When Joseph Met Lori, and Made Out with Her in the Janitor's Closet

Season 13, Episode 23 - Air Date: 3/1/2009
After getting into an argument with Joseph about the girl he has been dating, Dale ends up in a mental institution.
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Bill Gathers Moss

Season 13, Episode 22 - Air Date: 5/4/2010
Bill decides to take in roommates, and Hank fears it will lead to disaster. Meanwhile, Bobby and Joseph go ghost hunting at their school.
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The Honeymooners

Season 13, Episode 21 - Air Date: 2/15/2009
Hank is shocked when his mother announces she is marrying a man she has only known for a few weeks. Soon after, the newlyweds celebrate by purchasing an RV and heading to Hank's.
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To Sirloin with Love

Season 13, Episode 20 - Air Date: 9/13/2009
In the series finale, Bobby's new found passion for judging the quality of meat brings the Hill men closer as they bond as father and son for the first time.
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The Boy Can't Help It

Season 13, Episode 19 - Air Date: 9/13/2009
Bobby becomes quite the ladies' man when several girls in his class consider him a potential date for the Homecoming dance, but Hank is worried that Bobby is being used.
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Uh-Oh Canada

Season 13, Episode 18 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
After Boomhauer trades houses with a Canadian family for the summer the Arlen gang tries to make some new neighbors at feel welcome.
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Manger Baby Einstein

Season 13, Episode 17 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Luanne tries to become a breakout star in the children's entertainment industry.
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Bad News Bill

Season 13, Episode 16 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Hank is troubled when Bobby's Little League Coach is hassling Bobby about his lack of ability until Hank realizes that the Coach is only trying to make Bobby a better player.
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Serves Me Right For Giving General George S. Patton The Bathroom Key

Season 13, Episode 15 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Hank discovers that his father's last requests are a collection of bizarre tasks including the wish to have his ashes flushed down a toilet that General George S.
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Born Again on the Fourth of July

Season 13, Episode 14 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Bobby is offered an intervention at the church, after Hank becomes upset by his misbehavior. Meanwhile, Hank and his pals challenge a rival neighborhood to a Fourth of July fireworks showdown
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Nancy Does Dallas

Season 13, Episode 13 - Air Date: 3/22/2009
After Nancy takes a glamorous new job in Dallas and temporarily leaving Dale behind he finds the freedom of the bachelor life too hard to handle.
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Uncool Customer

Season 13, Episode 12 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
After Peggy finds out that she is not cool she befriends one of Arlen's most glamorous and cool moms in an effort to learn how to be cool.
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Bwah My Nose

Season 13, Episode 11 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Hank and the gang get a rematch for the high-school championship game they lost, when Bill accidentally breaks Hank's nose during a practice.
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Master of Puppets

Season 13, Episode 10 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Bobby is left waiting at the mall when Hank and Peggy's date goes long. Feeling his parents' guilt, Bobby uses the incident to pit each against one another to show him their affection.
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What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Convention in Memphis

Season 13, Episode 9 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
The Propane Hall of Fame is inducting Buck Strickland this year and he has asked Hank to come with him to make sure he stays out of trouble.
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Lucky See, Monkey Do

Season 13, Episode 8 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Lucky's sister Myrna and her children attend a baby shower in which Peggy is throwing for Luanne. It doesn't take long before Myrna and Peggy clash over how the children will be raised by Luanne, with Peggy wanting the good, old fashioned skills where as Myrna likes the more modern way and by the book.
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Straight as an Arrow

Season 13, Episode 7 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Hank tries to help Bobby become a member of the Order of the Straight Arrow, but he disagrees with the "Arrowmaster" who is a new member of Arlen.
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A Bill Full of Dollars

Season 13, Episode 6 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Peggy, Minh and Dale play the stock market together, however they lose money in their initial investment.
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No Bobby Left Behind

Season 13, Episode 5 - Air Date: 11/9/2008
In order to raise the school's average for standardized tests, Principal Moss classifies Bobby as a low achievement student.
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Lost in Myspace

Season 13, Episode 4 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Hank has bad feelings when Mr. Strickland decides to create a MySpace page for Strickland Propane. Hank's fears come true when Donna posts personal videos and information to the web site.
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Square-Footed Monster

Season 13, Episode 3 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Hank and the guys do a good deed when they fix-up a neighborhood house, however after Ted Wassonasong buys the house he decides to knock down the house and build a mansion.
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Earthy Girls are Easy

Season 13, Episode 2 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Hank helps Strickland Propane go green after a local paper slams the company for dumping old propane tanks into the river.
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Dia-bill-ic Shock

Season 13, Episode 1 - Air Date: 2/12/2010
Bill's love of sugary snacks causes diabetes. After a doctor tells Bill that he will lose his legs he decides to start using a wheelchair.