Truth and Consequences

Season 4, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 1/22/2013
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‘Justified‘ Recap: Some Snakes Reveal Themselves, Others Remain Hidden

By the end of tonight‘s episode, Raylan is consumed by two mysteries: what happened to Drew Thompson and what happened to Lindsey?At the beginning of the episode, Lindsey wants to make clear to Raylan that Randall is no longer her husband. She divorced him after he went to prison - again - for getting into a fight defending her. Raylan‘s concerned, but temptation gives in and he presumably sleeps with her.Raylan later goes to challenge and potentially provoke Randall into violating his parole -- even after learning he already did when he left the state of Florida. Randall refuses to leave and Raylan plans on visiting him later. When he does, however, he sees that he‘s already left town.
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