Hole in the Wall

Season 4, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 1/8/2013
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‘Justified‘ Premiere Recap: Mystery Takes Early, Deadly Twist

The producers of Justified like to, if nothing else, experiment with how their season-long storylines play out from season to season. In season 2, we had the long-running singular villain in the form of Mags. Last season, we had two villains -- though, arguably, only one turned out to actually try and kill Raylan -- and this season, we‘re not sure what we have. At the very least, it‘s a thirty-year old mystery that incorporates Raylan‘s father, Arlo.In 1983, an unknown person parachuted to their death with what looked like bricks of cocaine. They were discovered by a man named Sherman and presumably his wife. Somehow, 30 years later, what we can assume Sherman stole from the dead person wound up inside the walls in Arlo‘s home that Raylan is now trying to sell.
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