Thick as Mud

Season 3, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 2/14/2012
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‘Justified‘ Recap: The Ticking Clock

Lies and HopesTonight‘s episode of Justified is bookended by a pair of scenes that represent menacing violence looming on the horizon, and hope for the future. Limehouse, still on the sidelines of the action so far, gets a monologue at the beginning of the episode, and a monologue at the end of the episode. First, he lies about the Bennet fortune, and then he reveals that he has a spy in the white community feeding him intel. Slowly but Surely, the writers put the pieces into place for him. Winona, meanwhile, seems to be a little more zen about Raylan‘s more self-destructive tendencies on the job and recalls the first time she saw Raylan and decided that he was the man for her. That‘s fine but I want to see a more substantial storyline with her.
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