The Moonshine War

Season 2, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 2/9/2011
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‘Justified‘ Fan Columnist: A Whole New Crop of Baddies

Justified‘s back! Crib notes from 2.1, "The Moonshine Wars": Raylan opts to stay in Kentucky, and is trying to not to shoot anyone as his reputation‘s getting worse. Harlan County residents have their own code of conduct, as ignoble as it is, and they adhere to it, same as Raylan does. From the degrees of depravity of its denizens, we can see why Raylan left, and understand where his sense of justice comes from and why it doesn‘t match the bureau‘s. And he‘s not over Winona or Boyd.Season 2 picks up literally where the first season left off. Bodies all over the place, including Bo Crowder, leader of a meth syndicate and daddy to Boyd, Raylan‘s alternately evil/god-fearing pal. Ava‘s being led away as Art asks about "your boyfriend" and she says, "Which one?", setting up a triangle. Raylan faces yet more investigation by the department because bodies seem to fall wherever he is. But first, a piece of business: In a downpour, Raylan tracks Boyd tracking Pilar, who was the sole cartel escapee after the showdown. She‘s truckjacked on her way to the airport, where a plane to Miami awaits, but Boyd drags her to the tarmac at gunpoint, wanting revenge for daddy‘s shooting, which he wanted to do. (Ah, the twisted logic that is
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