For Blood or Money

Season 2, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 3/2/2011
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‘Justified‘ Fan Columnist: Skeletons Come A-Dancin‘

"For Blood or Money," while gratifying, was all over the place plot-wise, a bunch of rogue story lines that needed airing out. For once, Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) was peripheral to much of the action, which mainly involved Rachel Brooks‘ (Erica Tazel) brother-in-law, Clinton (Larenz Tate, Black Shawn! from Rescue Me). He‘s in a halfway house after serving time and clearly has some bipolar thing going on in addition to bottled rage. When his supervisor grounds him for missing a cleaning shift -- preventing him from going to his son Nick‘s 12th birthday party with a poignant, long-ago-wished-for gift -- a (fake) Furby -- he loses it, nearly bashing the guy‘s brains in with a phone. 
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