Season 2, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 3/9/2011
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‘Justified‘ Fan Columnist: Church of the Two-Stroke Jesus

Sorry to break it to (or should I say, remind) the Justified team, but after last week‘s episode around Rachel, this week‘s "Cottonmouth" refocused on Raylan and Boyd got back to the show‘s heart and soul. It felt closer to Elmore Leonard‘s voice, in plot, tone and language, with Timothy Olyphant (Raylan) at his fiercest and Walton Goggins (Boyd) at his simmering best.Raylan‘s back on the McCready case, trying to locate where Loretta‘s dad went, or if he‘s in fact dead, although his checks are being cashed. Dewey, who has summoned Raylan to the penitentiary to see if he can‘t bargain some information for a reduced sentence, is abruptly dragged into the quarantine room, being told he‘d be tested for TB; however, it‘s only so Raylan could talk to him alone. Cut to a lovely, ominous shot of the back of Raylan‘s hatted head as he checks his Blackberry. There‘s something about Dewey that brings out the bully in Raylan, who repeatedly slaps Dewey‘s hands down, and he threateningly removes his hat, which often precedes some act of violence.
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