Brother's Keeper

Season 2, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/6/2011
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‘Justified‘ Fan Columnist: One Brother Down, Two to Go

In "Brother‘s Keeper," Loretta (the awesome young Kaitlyn Dever) has clearly emerged as the symbolic innocent soul of Harlan whose fate could go north or south depending on the Appalachian breeze. Sitting on her right shoulder is Raylan (Timothy Olyphant), essentially her figurative and real lifeline to the world outside the insular snake‘s den of Harlan, and someone who escaped, at least once. On her left shoulder is Mags (Margo Martindale), who‘s developed a bizarre and skewed attachment to the girl, who has filled a hole that Mags‘ three Steinbeckian sons can‘t. And perversely, Mags killed Loretta‘s father, which the girl still doesn‘t know.
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