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'The Bachelor' Conference Call with Blogger Jenna Burke: 'I Would've Sent Myself Home'

"When you talk about love 24/7, it‘s not really normal. It kind of makes you a little bit nervous.
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'The Bachelor' Recap: Kids Play the Darndest Things

It‘s only week 2 of The Bachelor, and already we‘re on the move. We open on the bucolic fields of Sonoma, California, then cut to a home video of teenage Ben Flajnik walking his little dog down the street.
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'Bachelor' Blabber: This Week's Interview Highlights from Ben, Chris and Cowball-Eating Amber

Everyone‘s talking about this week‘s Bachelor premiere. Well, the handful of us who watched it, anyway.
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'The Bachelor' Premiere Recap: The Dog and Pony Show Begins

Here we go again. Another revolution around the sun, and a brand new season of The Bachelor that will probably make me want to hurl myself into the sun.
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'The Bachelor' 16 Premiere Photos: Ben Flajnik Meets His Ladies, and One's a Real Horse

What do a grandma, a horse, a big dumb hat, a soccer ball and a lot of wine have in common? (No, not "Jake Pavelka‘s Saturday night.
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