Cain and Gabriel

Season 1, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 3/10/2014
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From CBS: Gabriel, Riley and Lillian head to San Francisco when the FBI’s Witness Protection database is hacked and someone is blackmailing witnesses to carry out a terrorist attack.

‘Intelligence‘ Recap: A Paralyzing Agent Hits Too Close to Home

It‘s Lillian Strand‘s turn to get her heart strings pulled in the latest episode of Intelligence. A computer hacker has gotten into the District of Justice‘s witness protection database to find ex-criminals to do his bidding. One of them is a criminal turned exterminator who gets his hands on dangerous chemicals to be delivered to a chemist named Anton. A trip to the coffee shop turns into a really bad day for him, with the hacker calling his cell and ordering him to do what he says or his family would get hurt.
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