Being Human

Season 1, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 3/31/2014
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‘Intelligence‘ Season 1 Finale Recap: Sleeper Spies, an Assassination Attempt and One Tough Mama

The season 1 finale of Intelligence jumps right into the action of last week‘s episode. A hurt Gabriel is on the run with Riley and Mei Chin is in tow. Going to the hospital or a government safe house is out of the question, so they go to the only place where anyone would feel safe -- Gabriel‘s mom‘s house. The ex-army field nurse tends to his gunshot wound on her kitchen table and Mei Chin takes his mind to a render of Governor Christy Cameron giving a speech. Another primary win could send Cameron to the White House as president. Before Mei Chin high-tails it out of there, she tells Gabriel that the same government people who tried to kill them are going to kill the governor.
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