Zev and Justin



The Amazing Race 15
1st Leg: 2nd Place
2nd Leg: 5th Place
3rd Leg: 8th Place
4th Leg: 9th Place/Eliminated *

* - Arrived 1st, but discovered after being checked in at the mat that they were missing Zev's passport. They were required to search for the passport and bring it back to the Pit Stop or else they face elimination. That allows other teams that did not arrived at the Pit Stop yet to check in while they were searching for the passport. Unsuccessful in their search, they returned to the mat after the last team – Maria and Tiffany – checked in, and thus Zev and Justin were eliminated.

4th Team Eliminated - 10/11/2009
Were not immediately sent to the villa due to the loss of Zev's passport but they call the two eliminated teams in the villa to inform them of their elimination due to the passport mishap and told them that they would join the villa as soon as they could. In the 6th episode of ELIMINATION STATION, they were the 4th Team sent to the villa along with Mika and Cannan who were eliminated in Leg Number 6 and were the 5th Team sent to the villa.

Zev and Justin are one of the teams on the fifteenth season of The Amazing Race. The two share a very unique friendship, one that began when they worked as camp counselors.

Zev Glassenberg, 26, hails from Sherman Oaks, CA. Having been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, he isn’t great with large numbers of people, but is very loyal and is an avid basketball fan.

Justin Kanew, 30, hails form Los Angeles, CA, and works as an executive for National Lampoon. Very easy-going and sociable, he takes pride in his patience and problem-solving ability.

Birth Name

Zev and Justin


The Amazing Race, Season 15, 9th Place


"Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come" – Justin

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