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Zara appeared as a member of the cast in the Oxygen network reality television series The Bad Girls Club. She originally comes from a small town in upstate New York, and has been described as a “wild child.” She was eager and excited at the prospect of moving to the big city, and being able to rub shoulders and interact with various people from every corner of life. Sociable and outgoing, she couldn't wait to meet other strong-willed women that she can talk and relate to.

Zara Sprankle also loves attention and being on camera, and doesn’t hesitate to tell all about herself, both the bad and the good sides of her. However, she has suffered in the past with issues of anxiety and depression, along with a history of cheating on her boyfriend. She says that each time she drinks and gets liquored up, every last one of her morals and inhibitions melt away into thin air, and she won’t hesitate to kiss anyone in sight.

(Photo courtesy of Oxygen)

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2007: Bad Girls Road Trip (TV mini-series)
2006-2007: The Bad Girls Club (TV series)

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