Zachary Knighton



Actor Zachary Knighton was born on October 25, 1978. A graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth College, he was active on stage before he took his BFA degree. He made his screen debut in the 2000 television movie Sally Hemings: An American Scandal.

The same year, he made his film debut in horror flick Cherry Falls. Since then, he has made several appearances on the small screen. Some of his roles include those in Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Bones. Knighton also became a regular in the short-lived shows Life on a Stick and Related.

The actor has also been cast on films. He was seen on The Hitcher in 2007 and on Surfer, Dude in 2008. Other roles of his are as Clyde in the made-for-TV movie Supreme Courtships and on the Julia Stiles-starrer The Prince & Me.

In 2010, Zachary Knighton returned to television to film the ABC drama FlashForward. There, he played the character Bryce Varley, who is a surgical intern diagnosed with kidney cancer. He was about to commit suicide when the blackouts occurred and he saw a vision that renewed his hope. When the series was canceled, the actor moved on to an entirely different project. Knighton was then cast as the lead in the ABC romantic comedy Happy Endings, where he portrayed Dave, a man left on the altar.




2011: Happy Endings (TV series) - Dave Rose
2010: House M.D. (TV series) - Billy
2009-2010: FlashForward (TV series) - Dr. Bryce Varley
2010: Tug - Judd
2009: Bones (TV series) - chet Newcomb
2008: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV series) - Random Guy
2008: Surfer, Dude - Brillo Murphy
2007: The Hitcher - Jim Halsey
2007: Supreme Courtships (TV movie) - Clyde
2006: Related (TV series) - Gary/Joel's Friend in Cafe
2005: Love, Inc. (TV series) - Brad
2005: Life on a Stick (TV series) - Laz Lackerson
2004: The Prince and Me - John Morgan
2004; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV series) - Lukas Ian Croft
2003: The Mudge Boy - Travis
2002: A New Life - Seymour
2001: Law & Order (TV series) - Paul Wyler
2001: Ed (TV series) - Stephen
2000: Cherry Falls - Mr. Rolly
2000: Sally Hemings: An American Scandal (TV movie) - William Alexander

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