Zach Rance



Zach Rance is one of the houseguests on Big Brother season 16. He graduated economics from the University of Florida. He loves golf and considers himself a "con-artist." In week 2, he was nominated alongside Paola after the Power of Veto ceremony but Paola ended up going home. In week 5, he became one of the HoHs. He nominated Christine and Nicole but was eventually dethroned by Frankie. In week 6, HoH Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta, who eventually went home with 6 out of 8 votes. The following week, he was nominated by HoH Christine but he ended up winning the Power of Veto and was able to save himself. In week 8, HoH Franke nominated Zach as a replacement nominee and went home with 5 out of 5 votes.




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