Yasmin Giles



Yasmin Giles is one of the twenty castaways of Survivor: Samoa. The 33-year-old was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is currently based in Los Angeles, where she works as a hairstylist. Her life experiences have lent her the nickname “Sassy Yassy”—she is not afraid to speak her mind, and doesn’t mind if her know-it-all attitude rubs people the wrong way. While her line of work is often thought of a feminine, she insists she is a tomboy at heart.

Describing herself as likeable and quick-witted, she believes she can deal with the pressures of castaway life, and will be able to compete with her fellow contestants the way she competes for new clients at the salon she works in. She claims she’s a winner and thus, will never quit Survivor until the very end.

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