Whitney Thompson


Date Of Birth

September 26, 1987


Whitney Thompson from Atlantic Beach, Florida was a contestant and the winner of America's Next Top Model cycle 10.

On the fifth episode, Whitney, Katarzyna and Stacy Ann won the challenge wherein the models' knowledge on the three types of poses where put to test. Their prize was a trip to a swag tent. Also on the seventh episode, Whitney, Stacy Ann and Dominique won the go-sees challenge and they were rewarded with photo shoots for Seventeen magazine's June issue.

Whitney initially had a problem during the go-sees challenge because her first client told her that her designs wouldn't work with a plus-size model. But the client complimented Whitney for being a beautiful girl with beautiful features.

Being turned down on her first try affected Whitney but she decided to move on anyway. "It's definitely frustrating because obviously I'm discriminated against because I'm not a Size 2. It's not a bridge I'm going to burn. You'll never know, maybe they'll have a friend who's booking a plus-size model,” she said. True enough, her next client thought Whitney's body would fit with her clothing designs.

Whitney also had this to say about her figure: “I'm plus sized. Say what you want about me -- I don't care -- I'm Whitney. I have curves because I don't look like a little boy! I love that about myself.”

Whitney sided with Claire when the latter scolded Dominique because of her alarm clock. Whitney, Claire and Lauren also badmouthed Dominique and kept on talking about her even if she was in the same room with them.

Whitney also had a word fight with Dominique. She said she had no respect for Dominique and even attacked her lack of education. Dominique responded by calling her a racist and Whitney answered back saying, “Call me a !@#!@, yeah, probably. But don't call me racist. I'm from the South. You don't joke about being racist. It's not funny."

Eventually, Whitney Thompson bested the rest and emerged as the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10. She has since launched her professional modeling career, appearing in print ads and runway shows, as well as becoming the spokesperson for Smile Stylists. She also started her own jewelry and candle collection called "Supermodel".

'America's Next Top Model' 10 Winner Whitney Thompson Bares it for Charity
'America's Next Top Model' 10 Winner Whitney Thompson Performs at Broadway Bares

Place of Birth

Atlantic Beach, Florida

Birth Name

Whitney Thompson




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2008: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself




"Say what you want about me, i don't care, i'm Whitney."

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