Vonzell Solomon


Date Of Birth

March 18, 1984.


Vonzell Solomon Biography:

Vonzell Solomon was born on March 18, 1984 in Baxley, Georgia. When she was still a baby, her family moved to Fort Myers, Florida, where she eventually attended Cypress Lake Center for the Arts. Not only is Vonzell a trained Classical singer, she also has a black belt in sembact martial arts and is an avid softball player. Before she auditioned for season 4 of American Idol, Vonzell was a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. She also performed with local bands and even tried out P-Diddy's Making the Band, from which she was rejected. Her parents are her own American Idols and she names Usher and Beyonce as two of her favorite artists.

Vonzell left her hometown in order to audition for season 4 of American Idol in Orlando, but like her fellow American Idol Finalist, Jessica Sierra , it was not her first time to try out for the show. She first tried out for the show during its' second season, but was only met with a "no" from the judges. Her second try was more rewarding, as she not only made it to Hollywood, but also became one of the Top 12 Finalists. During the Finals, Vonzell acquired a rather large fan base by giving solid performances throughout the competition. Among the songs she performed are "When You Tell Me That You Love Me," "Treat Me Nice," "I'm Every Woman," "I Have Nothing," and "People." Although her talent brought her all the way to the Top 3 with Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice , the majority of the votes for the tenth week went to the latter two, and Vonzell became the tenth finalist to be eliminated from the show.

After the season Finale and the American Idol season 4 concert tour, Vonzell has gone on to record her own songs, one of which was for the album Breaking for the Holidays. The song is entitled "It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas." Her first album is called Baby V, and she is currently the CEO of her own record company, Melodic Records. Vonzell made a cameo appearance in the indie flick Still Green and has also become a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service.

Place of Birth

Baxley, Georgia, USA.

Birth Name

Vonzell Monique Solomon



Fun Facts

Worked as A Mail Woman for the United States Postal Service
She grew up in Fort Myers, Florida
She tried out for American Idol Season 2 and 3 but didn't make it either seasons.
She auditioned for P Diddy's Making The Band in 2002 but P Diddy said he doesn't recall her but later said she was not a good singer and was not suited for a hip hop band.
She has a Black Belt in Sembact Martial Arts
Is the president of her own Independent Record Company it is called Melodic Records.
On May 27, 2007 a fire burnt down Solomon's Fort Myers house. She was not injuried but the family dog was killed and it was the house was worth thousands of money to re-build.
She was performing in a Ballroom Tour and plans to visit the Idol Camp in San Bernandio
Portrayed Glinda in the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center in Lubbock, Texas' Wizard Of Oz
On June 10th, she was arrested in Soutwest Florida International Airport for carrying a fully-loaded machine gun. She was stopped by security although she has a gun license


3rd Place in American Idol Season 4.


American Idol Season 4.
Still Green


Baby V.





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