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Vikki and Rikki, collectively known as the Ikki Twins were born in Pennsylvania. The two have been inseparable since birth. Rikki, the oldest, and Vikki, who was born two minutes later, lived in nine states before eventually settling down in California. During their stint at the San Diego State University, the bisexual twins began pursuing a career in modeling, appearing in numerous billboards, calendars and advertisements.

The Ikki Twins gained prominence as a model for car magazines. After appearing in covers for two major magazines for car enthusiasts—Import Tuner and Fast & Sexy—the twins went on to model in the 2005 Sexy Corvettes Calendar, and also toured the world in the Hot Import Night Tour. Already stalwarts of the import model scene, they appeared as participants in the WB’s variety show Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge, which led to being included in Import Tuner’s Sexiest Women Ever Issue.

The Ikki Twins became known as the stars of the MTV reality show A Double Shot of Love. The third season of A Shot of Love, which previously featured Internet sensation Tila Tequila, consisted of a group of suitors—12 straight men and 12 lesbian women— who vied for each twin’s affections. In the end, the twins chose Trevor. However, he had to pick just one of them and he preferred to stay with Vikki. The two split in 2010.

Since the show ended, the twins became co-hosts of Criss Angel’s television show. Rikki was also hospitalized in 2010 for being in a coma, but she was released after four days.

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Erica Mongeon and Victoria Mongeon




- Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge
- A Double Shot at Love


Erica Mongeon aka Rikki
Victoria Mongeon aka Vikki




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