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Born in Seoul, Korea, designer Victorya Hong grew up in Virginia and eventually attended University of Chicago. Her passion for fashion was fueled by her mother, who was also a talented sewer. At a young age, she started sketching and drawing designs, and later completed her college studies to travel to Paris and pursue her dream of living in the fashion capital of the world. Her six-month stay then became a six-year journey as her job as a journalist led her to Brussels. Upon realizing that she wanted to start a career in fashion, Hong headed back to the United States to enroll in the Parsons Associate Degree program in New York City. She later worked for various companies in the industry before opening her own.

Victorya Hong became known as one of 15 hopefuls on the fourth season of Bravo’s Project Runway. She won two challenges throughout the series, but was eventually eliminated on the ninth episode. Since leaving the show, she got busy and launched her own fashion line called Na-be, which is Korean for “butterfly.” She has since continued releasing a variety of collections while living in New York.

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