Verne Troyer


Date Of Birth

January 1, 1969


Verne Troyer quickly shot to fame after playing the memorable role of Mike Myers' little sidekick Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies. Born on January 1, 1969 in Sturgis, Michigan, Troyer is also noted for his dwarfism, a condition that allows extremely small sizes in humans and animals. He stands at 2 feet 8 inches tall. The condition allowed him to play the role of Dr. Evil's (Mike Myers) miniature clone. Troyer graduated from high school in 1986, and attended Kellogg Community College in Michigan.

Before landing acting roles, though, he was first a stuntman, doubling for the mischievous baby in the 1995 comedy Baby's Day Out. Prior to his most famous role, however, he also delivered a notable performance in the 1998 film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He then went on to play a variety of roles, such as an elf in the 2000 Christmas movie The Grinch and as Griphook the goblin in the first installment of the global hit Harry Potter. He also has several television and commercial credits to his name, such as an Apple Computer ad alongside Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, who stands at 7 feet six inches.

In 2005, Troyer was cast in VH1 show The Surreal Life season 4. The show featured celebrities who are said to be past their primes and were put in a Hollywood Hills mansion for two weeks. As if this is not enough, unforgiving cameras also follow their every move. Troyer had to face challenges, such as starring in their own kung-fu movie and riding horses. Early on, Troyer brewed a striking argument against 5'10" wrestler Chyna over room assignments. He then went on to pass out from too much booze. This cast a bad impression on the rest of the cast well until the last episode, although he earlier resolved to lessen his alcohol consumption. He was also revealed to be a self-confessed pervert in a small package. He has appeared on other series as well, being cast in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch in 2002, Boston Public in 2003, and Half & Half in 2005. In 2008, he was given the role of Coach Punch Cherkov in the film The Love Guru.

Place of Birth

Sturgis, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Verne Troyer



Fun Facts

One of the smallest men in the world

Verne has to do all of his own stunts because there isn't anyone small enough to fill in

Verne loves to play video games in his spare time.






Mini Me





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