Valeria Leonova



From Tula, Russia comes 5’9” model Valeria Leonova, who was spotted by a modeling scout when she was 14 years old. She didn’t think much about the career until she was 18, when she appeared on a beauty story for a London fashion magazine. She has traveled the world for her work in the industry, already going to Moscow, London, Tokyo, and New York City.

Aside from modeling though, Valeria has aspired to be a stylist and designer. But she holds a degree in economics and management and fashion theory at Moscow State U. and graduated in 2008. For fun, she makes headbands or accessories and enjoys watching old movies as well.

But to fulfill her dreams of becoming a model, Valeria took the risk and auditioned for a reality TV competition. She got accepted as a contestant on Project Runway’s sister show, Models of the Runway. Both series air on the Lifetime Network, and pits the contestants against one another to win the top prize.

The 16 models were paired with a designer from the show, but Models of the Runway will feature more scenes regarding the backstage drama that occurs during the competition. Each model will share their perspective, from the tears to the laughs they all experienced while being on the series. She withdrew from the competition during the tenth episode of the show.

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