Tyana Alvarado



Before the recession hit, Tyana Alvarado was known for being a successful real estate agent. This Los Angeles, California resident also holds the title of Miss Cougar California and hopes that her brains and beauty will help her redefine the meaning of "cougar". Though she was unemployed for a while, she used the time to learn more by traveling. She crossed places off her bucket list and had a vacation on numerous locations while managing her budget.

Returning from her break, Tyana Alvarado then joined the cast of NBC's reality competition The Apprentice. She was fired in the fourth episode of the show, because she complained about her team's video concept while never offering any ideas of her own. Since then, she has worked two jobs, one of which sees her advertising sales for a handbook on the entertainment industry. She is also working for the Keller Williams Hollywood Hills office.




2010: The Apprentice - Contestant

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