Triple H


Date Of Birth

July 27, 1969


Born Paul Michael Levesque on July 27, 1969 in Nashua, New Hampshire, Triple H began bodybuilding at the age of 14. Upon graduating high school, he entered body building competitions and later met Ted Arcidi, who introduced him to professional wrestling. In 1992, Triple H enrolled at Killer Kowalski's wrestling school and soon joined the Independent Wrestling Federation, where he became the IWF Heavyweight Champion and an IWF Tag Team Champion with fellow Kowalski trainee, Perry Saturn. By 1994, he became part of World Championship Wrestling, where, in his first televised match, he defeated Brian Armstrong. In 1995, he became part of WWF and debuted in April's WWF Wrestling Challenge. A year later, he defeated Marc Mero and thus won his first Intercontinental Championship in October. He also won the King of the Ring tournament in June 1997, when he defeated Mankind (Mick Foley) in the finals. Triple H then battled Owen Hart for the WWF European Championship, which Triple H later won.

By January 2000, Triple H had already established himself as a three-time WWF champion. He already had a feud with Vince McMahon, who won the title from Triple H in an episode of Smackdown. Triple H also feuded with Mick Foley in early 2000, but ended shortly after Triple H defeated Foley, who soon retired. His next feud was with Steve Austin, who lost to Triple H in the 2001 Three Stages of Hell match. Triple H also fought with The Undertaker, who defeated him at WrestleMania, X-Seven. Triple H then teamed with former nemesis Steve Austin to form the Two-Man Power Trip, a tag team who won both the WWF Tag Team Titles and the Intercontinental Championship twice by the end of the next pay-per-view.

In 2001, Triple H suffered a tear in his left quadriceps muscle, causing it to get torn completely off the bone. Despite the injury, he was still able to complete the match, but immediately undergone surgery afterwards. Returning to WWF in 2002, he defeated Chris Jericho for the WWF Undisputed Championship at WrestleMania X-Eight before losing the belt to Hulk Hogan a month later.

Triple H was drafted to Smackdown and dumped on-screen wife Stephanie McMahon after she faked a pregnancy in order to hold onto him. Triple H pinned her in a retirement match, seeming to end her career. He passed the belt back and forth with Shawn Michaels, then with Chris Benoit.

Triple H formed Evolution with Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista. But after the group turned on Batista, The Animal came back to take Triple H's title at Wrestlemania 21. A year later Triple H won a tournament to determine the number one contender at Wrestlemania 22, but lost again to John Cena in the main event. He was out for eight months following a legitimate torn right quadricep.

Triple H returned to win the title from by-then former ally Randy Orton only to drop the title back to Orton later the same night. He lost a rematch against Orton and John Cena at Wrestlemania XXIV before winning the title back a month later at Backlash. He was drafted to Smackdown and held the title until the Survivor Series where Edge took it off his hands. But at No Way Out 2009 he won it back from Edge and proceeded to feud once again with Randy Orton heading into Wrestlemania XXV. He also confessed on screen that he was in fact married to Stephanie McMahon, who his character had married and dumped before the performer had legitimately married her and had two kids with her.

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Place of Birth

Nashua, New Hampshire

Birth Name

Paul Levesque



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13 time WWE Champion


Blade Trinity


The Game
The King of Kings
The Cerebral Assassin




"I'm that damn good!"

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