Tracy Hutson



Tracy Hutson grew up in Dallas, Texas. Being creative and artistic is something innate with Tracy. She began doing her fashion designs at the age of fourteen and eventually closed major international contracts in Milan, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Tokyo. Following this, she ventured in the entertainment industry where she further pursued her passion for decorating. In 1999, she established her own company called Tracy Hutson Designs. Her company aimed to produce distinctive homes that would suit the lifestyle of her clients. Not only did her flare for style made her business a success, it also made her famous as seen on commercials, sitcoms and theater productions.

Tracy Hutson is part of the television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Her sense of ingenuity absolutely compliments the reality show's design team.

Place of Birth

Dallas, Texas

Birth Name

Tracy Hutson



Fun Facts

- She married Barry Watson on July 14, 2006. The two of them classmates in Richardson High School and they have two sons together: Oliver and Felix.

- In 1999, she started her own company named Tracy Hutson Designs.



2004-2010: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (TV series)
2005: Less Than Perfect (TV series)
2005: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - How'd They Do That? (TV series)
2001: The Huntress (TV series) - Secretary
2000: Rated X (TV movie) - Marilyn Chambers
2000: Endsville - Nicola McCoy
1998: Pacific Blue (TV series) - Annie
1997: Mixed Signals - Belinda

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